Refugee LinkUp

180 Amsterdam // 2023 

2023 - EPICA nominee / Public Interest – Social
2023 - ADCN nominee / Society – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
2023 - ADCN nominee / Communications - Digital Campaigns
2023 - ADCN nominee / Communications - Influencer & Brand Partnerships 

Executive Creative Director: Pol Hoenderboom 
Art Director: Ersem Ercil, Pluk de Kort
Copywriter: Dyon Kaleuwee 
Strategy Director: Didi Sutisna
Account Manager: Marie Vermeulen 
Producer: Souraya El Far, Eline Elias 
Photographer: Patrick Tarek Kenawy 

Refugee LinkUp is a social awareness campaign inviting 25 prominent professionals in the Netherlands - from brands including Microsoft & Unilever among others - to share their LinkedIn networks with job-seeking former refugees, also known as status holders. 

We are drawing attention to the approximately 80,000 status holders in the Netherlands who have received their residence permits so are allowed and want to work, but still cannot find a job, partly due to the lack of a relevant professional network.

The impact of this campaign was truly remarkable, reaching over 2 million people in just 2 weeks and inspiring many to share their own profiles.